• Deposit is required at the time of booking a course. Exceptions may apply.
  • All payments should be made in full prior to commencing the course.


  • All course fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. At the discretion of the Training Academy, we may consider a cancellation on medical or compassionate circumstances (proof of which may be required).
  • The Training Academy is unable to offer refunds for cancellations outside of our .control, i.e. adverse weather conditions, terrorist attacks, flooding, industrial action or Visa refusals. An alternative training date will be offered.
  • The Academy is not responsible for any loss of income, accommodation/travelling costs students may incur due to the cancellation of courses.

Cancellation or transfer of training dates

  • In the event of a genuine reason for cancellation of a confirmed training date (proof of which may be required), a request for a transfer will be considered at the discretion of the training Academy (subject to availability).  If successful, an administration fee of £50.00 per course date will be charged. Should you be unable to attend a confirmed training date for medical reasons, a medical certificate will be required to waiver the fee to reschedule.
  • Under medical or compassionate circumstances (proof of which may be required) and where immediate reschedule might not be possible; a credit for all or part of the course fee may be placed on file as a gesture of goodwill. Credits will be valid towards training courses only and run for a period of 12 months from the date of issue at which time the credit would be forfeited.
  • Booked training is non-transferable to an alternative student. Please ensure the booking is made giving the correct name of the person attending the course at the time of making payment. Amendments to this will be chargeable at £50 per course date/person where possible for a change to be accommodated and 72 hours’ notice is given in writing.
  • In the event that the Training Academy should have to cancel your course for reasons outside of our control, i.e. tutor sickness, or insufficient numbers of students. The Beauty Academy will endeavour to give students at least 24 hours’ notice of any cancellation by telephone and/or email.
  • The Academy is not responsible for any accommodation/travelling costs students may incur due to the cancellation of courses.

Course Times

  • Please arrive at the training centre for 9.45am for a 10.00 am start. Courses finish at approximately 4.30pm.  If you arrive late (in excess of 30 minutes) you may be refused entry to the training. This is to avoid disruption for other students on the course. In the event that you are refused entry, please contact our Bookings Team to reschedule. A fee of £50 will apply to reschedule your training.
  • Please therefore ensure you allow sufficient time for travelling. Make use of Google maps on smart phone or print map/directions from our website to assist you to locate the centre on the training day.

Confirmation of bookings

  • Once you have booked a training course you will receive an email within 24 hours to confirm the booking (for bookings made within office hours. Outside of these hours; confirmation will be sent on the next working day).
  • If booking a course online, please note that your booking is not confirmed until a Confirmation Email has been sent by our Booking Team to acknowledge your booking. The online payment receipt does not form a guaranteed or confirmed booking.
  • If booking last minute courses or courses scheduled for within less than 48 hours, please call to book so that we can confirm availability to you prior to payment. Where a course booked online outside office hours is unavailable or cancelled, an alternative date will be offered or a refund of the course fee paid will be given within 5 days.
  • No reimbursement will be made for travel/accommodation/childcare costs for cancelled/unavailable courses booked at last minute online. Where booking online less than 24 hours prior to a scheduled course date, please call us at 9.00am on the day of the training to confirm your booking has been received and chosen training is available.


  • Certificates will be issued in the name stated within your confirmation email or Indemnity form. Failure to report any errors within 24 hours of receiving your confirmation will result in a £25.00 admin fee to amend after this time


  • Certificates take a maximum of 4 – 6 weeks to be issued. Please state your current address on the relevant paperwork prior to the course as certificates shall be posted to the given address. Should you fail to receive your certificates within 4-6 weeks, please report this to the Bookings Team via phone or email, within 30 days of attending your training. After this time, the standard replacement certificates fee of £25 per certificate will apply.

During your training

  • During your training you will be required to give and receive treatments.
  • The only exceptions to this are Acrylic and UV Gel Nail Extension Courses where you will be working on a Nail Trainer Hand or Eyelash Extension Courses you will be working on a Mannequin Head.
  • All courses are taught only in English. All students are therefore required to have a good command of the English language, both written and spoken. This is essential so that the tutor is able to assess a student’s competence of all required aspects to achieve The Training Academy certificates. Students must advise of any language issues at the time of booking as we may recommend one to one training as a more suitable training option (for which additional cost applies, see below).
  • Should a student be unable to demonstrate the required level of English to participate fully within the course, they may be refused the certificates and would unfortunately forfeit any course fees paid. Therefore it is important to discuss this prior to booking if you feel this may be an issue affecting your learning and course participation.

Medical Conditions

  • All students are required to disclose any medical conditions at the time of booking, which will be dealt in the strictest of confidence. Some conditions may impede ability to participate within a course. An important part of training is to deliver and receive treatments.
  • Adjustments will be made to accommodate medical conditions where possible. A medical certificate may be required in line with our insurance obligations. Where students are unable to receive treatments for medical reasons, a female model may be requested to be provided by the student for each training day.
  • Failure to disclose known medical conditions at the time of booking or to provide a female model where requested, which later prevent participation in a particular course may result in forfeit of course fees.

Special Training Needs / Requirements

  • Where possible we seek to include students with special requirements within our main course delivery.  However for some students this may not be possible. Many students with special training needs prefer and gain the most benefit from tailored training on a one to one basis. Feasibility depends upon the course you are wishing to study; however where possible adjustments or special arrangements will be considered.


  • All equipment and products are provided for you to train with on the day.

Beauty Insurance (Public Liability Insurance)

  • Following your practical training, you will receive The Training Academy certificate by email (as discussed above) which will allow you to apply for beauty insurance to allow you to begin working on members of the public. This will allow you to begin working on a self-employed basis (mobile) and to take payments should you wish. Our courses are covered by a number of insurance providers. You must ensure you register with HMRC regarding any tax/national insurance applicable to any income earned on this basis.
  • Please note if you wish to obtain cover with a specific insurer, you must check with the insurer prior to booking your course that they will accept our certificate. If you hold an existing policy, you are responsible to ensure the insurance provider will extend your cover to include the new treatment(s) and for covering any cost to make changes. The Training Academy cannot accept responsibility for issues resulting with insurance companies where students fail to check this prior to booking.

Refresher Training

  • Following training, students should begin practising treatments as soon as possible while the knowledge and skills are freshly learnt. Students are recommended to ensure they put public liability insurance in place before taking on paying clients. Students are advised to refer to the Practical Training notes provided following training to refresh your knowledge and assist you with the treatment routines etc. Students are welcome to contact the Support Team with any questions.

Ongoing support

Once you have completed your training with us you will have six months      ongoing support free of charge until you feel competent enough to take on paying clients.


  • Once booked, you have two years to fully complete the qualification including training, coursework and assessments.
  • It is important students keep their knowledge and practical skills up to date by refreshing their knowledge using their training notes and continuing to practice their treatments ready for assessment days.
  • For assessment days, should you need to retake (where the required pass mark is not achieved) or to reschedule an assessment day once booked/confirmed, there is a fee required per assessment day. The fee to reschedule can only be waivered in the event of medical emergency of the named student only where a medical certificate would be required.


  • In the unlikely event your training course with us does not meet your expectations, in the first instance please email us at info@Bluelinetraining with the details of your complaint and you will receive a response within 5 working days.
  • For all other enquiries please contact: 07496562248, 01274 296833

Code of Conduct:

To ensure all learners are given the best opportunity to learn, we would ask the following code of conduct is adhered to at all times:-

  • Punctuality is essential with all learners to arrive for 9.45am prompt and training to finish at 4.30pm. Allow adequate time to travel to the training centre. You may be refused entry if you arrive late for training. There is a transfer fee of £50 per training date to reschedule your training if you arrive late.
  • Attendance of training days is compulsory. Failure to attend scheduled training can result in removal from your programme. Genuine reasons for non-attendance will allow reschedule at a cost of £50 per training date. A medical certificate is required to waiver the fee in the event of medical emergency/illness.
  • Learners are required to purchase at their cost & wear a suitable beauty uniform (tunic) to training/assessment dates. Nails should be short, hair tied back. Eyelash and Nail extensions should be removed (where appropriate to the training course being attended). All jewellery should be removed except a plain wedding band and small stud earrings.
  • All learners are expected to fully participate including giving and receiving treatments. Any exceptions (e.g. medical reasons) to this must be agreed at the time of booking and a female model will be required to be provided by the student.
  • Use of mobile phones is prohibited during training and should be turned off outside of agreed breaks.
  • No smoking or chewing of gum within the training centre.
  • Be courteous and respectful to tutors and other learners. No use of foul language. Abuse of any kind including racism will not be tolerated.
  • Verbal, physical or written abuse will not be tolerated and will result an immediate verbal warning from the tutor. Should the conduct continue, you will be asked to leave the training immediately. You will not receive your diploma and will forfeit all course fees paid.
  • Should an issue arise on your training day in relating to other learners on the course or if you are experiencing difficulties with the course, please immediately notify your tutor so action can be taken or advice given to support you as required as it is sometimes difficult to rectify issues later and this will allow you to gain the most from your training day experience.
  • Learner feedback forms are to be completed at every training session and are compulsory for our records.